Business Marketing Services

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What business marketing services can you provide to help me market my business online?” This is the area where we have expertise. Our unmatched and unparelled business marketing services guarantee the success in businesses and consistent growth.

1. Business Feasibility Study

You woke up one Monday morning and thought I know what I will do, I will start my own business!”

Then you rush in and start your new business with no plan and no idea whether your business idea, which sounded great while you were thinking about it, will even fly! This is one of the reasons that nearly 80% of all new businesses fail in the first year, and 90% in the first five years. Don’t let your new business become one of those statistics!

Before you start a new business, check with us first and we will sit down with you and run you through our checklist to help get you started in the right direction. Our first consultation for business marketing services is absolutely free and will take from 30 – 120 minutes depending on the complexity of the business idea, and your knowledge of running a business.

At the end of this business marketing consultation you will know whether or not your business idea has legs, what your business values and purpose are, who your target market is, your perfect customer, and how you are going to market your business to your target market.

Now you are ready to start your new business idea! 

2. Business Marketing Plan

Now we have established the feasibility of your business idea, it is all systems go, right? Wrong! Now we know that the idea is a goer, but we still need to sit down and work out a plan of action. So far we have:

  • established that there is a market for your product or service
  • established your brand identity
  • established your 4Ps (Problem, Product, Proposition, Promise)

At this stage we know you have a viable business idea, now is the time to draw up your complete business marketing plan. You have all heard the old saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail”, well that definitely applies here. Our next step is to put your brand, vision, values, culture, etc, down on paper so that they are not just something in your head, but something that you can look at, show your customers and all other shareholders, show your staff when you get them.

Shout it from the rooftops “This is our brand, this is our vision for the business, these are our values and culture”. Own them!

Of course, we have cheat sheets that we give our clients to fill out as we go through the factors with them.

3. Build a Business Website

Now we are starting to get somewhere! We have established that your business idea has legs, you know what you are selling, who you are selling to, how you are going to sell to them, and you have set up a workable business marketing plan. It is time to get to the fun stuff!

Google recently said that over 60% of all sales now begin with an online search, so no matter what your business is all about, and who your customers are, you need to be found online, because if your potential customers don’t find you online, they will find your competitors!

Because of the popularity of social media, you not only need a professional looking website, but you also need to be found on the social media platforms that your target market would be looking for you. A recent survey showed that nearly 70% of all respondents said that they wouldn’t trust a brand that didn’t address problems on social media. So you not only need to be found online, but you also need to be responsive to comments on social media.

But first you need a website, and that is where we come in! We can build you a professional business website which not only looks great on all devices, but can attract new leads for your business automatically.

If you want to sell your product or service directly from your website we can make that happen for you. To save you time on the phone answering the same basic questions over and over again, we can set up a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website. This alone will save you hours every week.

We can arrange for you to take bookings directly from your website if this suits your business. This will also save you hours every week. We can incorporate Google Maps into your website so that potential customers can find your shop or office.

if you are in the hospitality or related industries we can incorporate a feedback system into your website so that customers can easily tell you what they thought about their visit, and share great experiences online with Google or any other platform that caters to your market.

But if you want a professionally built website which will earn you money and bring in additional customers with little to no extra work on your part, then run to our website application page and fill out the form before we decide to put our prices up again!


4. Get The Website Found

Now your business is beginning to smoke! You have done all of the preliminary stuff, and now you have a bright shiny new website, so where are all of the new customers? Once Google and the other search engines hear about your new website they will come and check it out, and if they like what they see, they will start to index your pages and posts in their search engines.

But be warned: Google and probably all the others automatically treat all new websites as spam websites until you prove to them that you are not! So you need to prove to them that you are a legitimate business before they will take you seriously.

We can help with that because we know exactly what Google is looking for, and we can set your business up from day one so that Google will take you seriously. 

The other part of this equation is to be found on social media platforms and we will go into more detail in the next step, but for now, bear in mind that  you need links from your website to your social media accounts, and vice versa. Stick with us, we are getting close to the bit where you start making money.

5. Set Up Social Media Accounts

Now we are getting close to making money! But first we need to set up your social media accounts correctly. But don’t panic, regardless what most of the ‘social media experts’ will tell you, you don’t need to be active on all social media platforms.

We have already established who our target market and perfect customer are, and where they like to hang out online. So we only need to active and responsive on those platforms, and maybe occasionally visit some of the other platforms which might bring in more potential customers.

Try to keep logos and brands similar across different platforms for the same reason. And don’t forget to link your social media platforms to your website and vice versa.

6. Promote The Business

Now we are getting to the good bits! Our website and all of our social media accounts have been set up correctly, so we can start making money!

But for God’s sake don’t do what about 90% of new business owners do and jump on every social media platform screaming “Buy My Products! Buy My Products! Buy My Products!”. People will not only not buy your products, you will piss them off and they will block you, or even report you.

Just about every religion and every culture on earth has a variation on the theme “Give and Ye shall receive”. Bear this in mind when you start to promote your business, start with giving value to your target market!

Apply this principle to everything that you post on your website and on social media and you are well on the way to success in your business. Before you post anything, ask yourself “Would my target market want to read this, and benefit from it?”.

Yes, you can promote your product or service on social media, but do it in a non-salesy way, and keep the promotions down to about one in ten posts. Use something like “You might enjoy this coupon for 20% off our product for some particular day or event only”.

Around about now you are almost certainly thinking “Where in Hell am I going to get time to spend on social media, I don’t have enough time to work on my business as it is”, right?

Well good news is we offer a Social Media Marketing Package for our clients where we can do some or all of your social media posting for you. All you need to do is to send us word of any upcoming specials or events you want promoted and we will promote them for you.

7. Review And Optimize

Congratulations! If you have done all of this work, and got to this step, or if you have hired us to help with some of the services, then you should have a fully operational website and social media accounts which are bringing in new potential customers automatically every day, so sit back and enjoy the moment!

From now on, all you need to do is to keep promoting, and on a regular basis, we suggest monthly, but do whatever works for you, sit down and review what has worked best for you, what has failed, and what was only fair to mediocre.


Our Business Marketing Services

1. Feasibility Study – Will your business idea fly?

The first stage in any successful business is a feasibility study to see if the new business idea is even workable. Have you invented something brand new? Will anyone even want it? Will anyone want to pay to buy it?

Or are you going into an already saturated market? 

Is there room for another business of same idea ? Are there enough willing customers to go around?

These are the sorts of questions you need to ask yourself, and be able to answer, before you even think about opening your store.

That is why we offer a free, no obligation consultation to everyone with a new business idea. We will tell you, honestly and sometimes brutally, whether or not your genius new idea even has legs. So contact us before you go any further.

+ Initial consultation (lasts from 30-120 minutes)

+ Examine your business idea in detail

+ Discuss brand, vision, values, culture etc.

+ Discuss target market and perfect customer

+ Formulate initial business marketing plan

2. Business Marketing Plan – Draw up a suitable business marketing plan for your business

If we both agree that your business idea has legs, we will continue onto the next stage, the Business Marketing Plan.

+ Convert your feasibility study into a working business and business marketing plan

+ Draw up Vision Statement, Values Statement, Culture Statement

+ Discuss website construction

3. Website Build – Plan, design and build your website

Once you have established that your new business idea has legs, and you have set out your vision, values, culture and set up your marketing plan, now is the time to start thinking about getting your website built.

We offer the services of website builders who specialize in building professional looking websites which help to attract potential customers to your website, convert them to customers and then advocates for your business.

Our websites are an investment in your business, not a cost, and they will increase your business and pay for themselves many times over. So contact us now to see if we can help you make more money in your business.

4. SEO – Help the search engines find you

Before you can get customers to your new website, it needs to be found. Both by your potential customers, and also by the search engines.

That is why we offer a range of Local Search and SEO packages to suit. We will publish the details of your business and your new website on a number of relevant search directories of local searches.

We will also optimize your listings so that they stand out amongst your competitors.

We will also register your business in Google My Business and optimize the entry the way that Google likes them to be done. This alone will bring you more traffic from the search engines.

One of the factors that Google takes into account when deciding where to rank your website is the number of other websites that link to yours. We will make sure that you get new links back to your website each month.

All of this will help your website rank higher in the search engines, and help your potential customers find your business. So contact us today to see which plan would suit your business best.

5. Social Media Marketing – Help your potential customers find you on Social Media

One of the best ways to promote your business today is through social media, but it must be done correctly! We offer a range of services which will set up your social media platforms and optimize them for you so that you will get maximum value from them.

Then if you like, we can do some or all of the heavy lifting for you, by posting regularly for you. We will promote your services and specials the right way on social media, so that you get maximum benefit from social media with the minimum of effort.

Contact us now to see which social media business marketing plan would suit your business best.

Hopefully that has answered every question you have about our services, and how we can help you and your business to grow and thrive, but if you still have questions which we haven’t covered, feel free to contact us now and we would be more than happy to help you make more money in your business in less time.